Jonathan Majors Dropped by Marvel Studios After Guilty Verdict

jonathan majors MARVEL

Jonathan Majors is out of a job at Disney, ’cause Marvel is dropping him from all projects in the MCU, and cutting ties in the wake of his guilty verdict … TMZ has confirmed.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the comic book movie studio — one of the Mouse House’s largest imprints — will not be moving forward with the embattled actor, period. What that means … he’s losing out on his key role as Marvel’s big villain, Kang the Conqueror.

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That’s a huge blow, seeing how he’s already portrayed the character in one big Marvel movie — ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ — as well as 2 seasons of the Disney+ show ‘Loki.’ The 2nd ‘Loki’ season heavily featured Kang and his variants — other versions of the big bad, also played by JM — as did the aforementioned film.

By all accounts, Jonathan was going to play Kang for at least two more Marvel films … and the studio was said to be treating him/Kang as the next Thanos, of sorts, in their franchise.

Now, though, that’s all out the window … and the two new ‘Avengers’ flicks that are currently in development and pre-production — both of which he was attached to as Kang — will go in a totally new direction without him. There’d been rumblings Marvel was already exploring their options even before the trial … and it sounds like they’re ready to pivot.

No word on whether Kang will be recast, or if they’ll just tap a new bad guy — but either way … Majors was just fired by his biggest employer, and is losing out on millions of dollars.

Of course, the decision was swift … coming down no more than a couple hours after he was found guilty on two of four counts in his criminal trial — where he was facing assault and harassment charges after being accused of roughing up his ex-girlfriend in March.

He was convicted of reckless assault and harassment, and acquitted of intentional assault and aggravated harassment. In layman’s terms — the jury appears to have dinged him for what may have happened outside the car, and not necessarily what went on inside.

Majors’ attorney seemed to signal he might file an appeal … vowing to clear his name. Either way, it’s evident Marvel/Disney won’t wait to see how that shakes out — they’re out.

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