Jorja Smith Defended by Fans Against Body-Shaming Comments

After releasing a music video for her ‘Little Things’ remix with Nia Archives, the ‘Be Honest’ songstress was bombarded with hateful comments about her weight gain.

AceShowbizJorja Smith‘s fans have come to her rescue in a fight against body-shamers. The “Be Honest” singer was bombarded with hurtful online comments about her weight gain after she released a music video for the “Little Things” remix, her collaboration with Nia Archives, but her devotees were quick to defend her.

One fan tweeted, “Fatphobia is crazy cause one minute n***as were talking about swimming in Jorja Smith’s sewage water but small small weight gain and they are switching up.” Another chimed in, “Jorja Smith did not ask anyone to make her their sex symbol and now they are insulting her because she gained some weight? And they think they’re normal?”

More criticism for the haters flooded in. “Jorja Smith look good hell wrong wit y’all? some you people need to STFU. She looks good to me,” and “Jorja smith didn’t ask to be over sexualised by u lot. she didn’t ask for u to use her pictures to get giggly + giddy. she didn’t ask for u to drool over every visible part of her body + she SURE AS HELL didn’t ask for u to express ur deep disturbed anguish at her weight gain” were among them.

On Thursday, June 15, Jorja shared the behind-the-scenes look at her music video recording for her “Little Things” remix. She uploaded the photos capturing her working in a studio with a green backdrop on Instagram. Along with it, she wrote, “Junglist massive @archives.nia.”

A number of online users, however, focused more on Jorja’s weight gain instead of paying attention to her work. In the comments section of her post, one critic wrote, “Needs to do more exercise. Being overweight is bad for your health.” Another pointed out, “Diet and. Gym.” A third similarly suggested, “My crush needs to hit the gym.”

The next day, Jorja followed up her behind-the-scenes post with a short clip from the “Little Things” remix music video in a joint post with her song collaborator Nia. Along with the June 16 post, the 26-year-old singer encouraged her fans to watch the video by writing, “Calling all junglist !! little things – nia archives remix is out now.”

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