Keira Knightley might have the healthiest approach to ageing in Hollywood and beyond

Keira Knightley wants to embrace getting grey hair and wrinkles.

The 34-year-old actress thinks it is “empowering” to see older ladies accepting the signs of ageing and hopes to do the same – but panics when she finds a stray discoloured hair amongst her brunette locks.

She said: “I walk down the street and I see women with amazing grey hair and the lines on their face and I think it’s the story of their life and I love it and I feel empowered by it and that’s what I want to be when I grow up.

“And then I find grey hairs and I think, ‘Oh my god I’m going to dye it!’ “

The ‘Atonement’ star – who has daughter Edie, three, and is expecting her second child with husband James Righton – insisted she isn’t entirely driven by “vanity”, but the shock of no longer recognising who she sees in the mirror.

She is quoted by Daily Mail newspaper columnist Sebastian Shakespeare as saying: “You think you know what your body is and what your face is, then suddenly it changes.

“It’s not about vanity, some of it is, but it’s not all about vanity. It’s about not recognising who you thought you were.”

Keira shot to fame as a teenager with roles in movies like ‘Love Actually’ but previously said criticism over her career and her changing body left her “broken”, and eventually led to her suffering a mental breakdown when she was just 22 years old.

She said: “I was at a time in my life when I was still becoming. Like most young people, I hadn’t quite found who I was or what I was about. My body was changing, and I didn’t even know how I felt about myself and what I looked like. Yet all of a sudden, people were being very vocal with their views on me as a young woman and as an actress.

!I lost confidence in myself because I was made to feel that I didn’t deserve to be doing what I was doing.”

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