Kelly Clarkson Makes Epic Recovery After Nearly Face-Planting In Fall At Indy 500 — Watch

There are so many reasons to love Kelly Clarkson and the way she handled tripping at the Indy 500 is just another. She recovered like a champ after nearly falling on her face.

Kelly Clarkson got the honor of singing the National Anthem before May 26’s 103 racing of the Indianapolis 500. But she nearly didn’t make it to the stage as she tripped on the red carpet on her way up there. The 37-year-old was wearing a long black Temperley London maxi dress covered in gold stars and her black wedged heel apparently clipped a crack underneath the carpet. She fell forward but managed to catch herself from hitting the pavement, then she swung around to see where she tripped. Then she did the most Kelly Clarkson thing ever, by raising her hands in their air like a champ and letting out a big “woot” that she saved herself from face planting.

Kelly not only was able to laugh about it at the time, she responded to a fan who took the video and posted it to Twitter. A person named Zoe told her “Graceful recovery @kellyclarkson.  Day is made that I got to see you!!!! #Indy500,” Zoe wrote above the video and The Voice judge responded with a series of laughing so hard they were crying emojis. She then wrote “Best part of my day is always revealing to people that might not know how utterly not cool I am. That damn crack was hidden by the carpet man.”

It wasn’t the only brave moment of Kelly’s day, as she took down a Twitter troll who tried to diss her performance, only they got the wrong song and ended up dissing a teenager who sang before her. Someone named JR Jansen tweeted “@kellyclarkson Indy 500 – Absolute WORST version of God Bless America I’ve ever heard!!! Sing it the way it was written, without all the slow whining, the ‘stylizing,’ the chirps and warbles. Want to know how to sing it right? Listen to Kate Smith’s version.” Then Kelly came out swinging.

“I didn’t actually sing that song today but the 16 yr old girl that did, nailed it. Also, think about the fact that U signed in online & took the time 2 drag a 16 yr old girl. Really think about it because Ur showing the worst side of U & I have faith that you’re cooler than this,” Kelly responded directly to JR’s tweet. She is just the coolest even if she doesn’t think she is.

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