Kelsey Grammer BBC Interview Allegedly Cut Short After Trump Talk

Kelsey Grammer‘s recent BBC interview was short-lived as soon as he started talking about Donald Trump — and it wasn’t the outlet’s decision … so says one of their radio hosts.

Justin Webb was talking to KG on the air Monday for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ show … and they were talking all about this new ‘Frasier’ reboot that’s coming to Paramount+ — and at one point, the host brought up Grammer’s famous support of ex-President Trump.

Webb said he knows Grammer once *was* a Trumper, and asked if he still was even all these years later — to which Grammer replied, yes indeed!

Grammer didn’t really elaborate, saying he’d just let it lie there — but in the next breath, Webb picks up the chat — which was clearly pre-recorded — to claim Kelsey actually had a lot more to say on the subject … suggesting the Paramount honchos shut it all down.

Apparently, KG was excited that Webb brought Trump up … although, it doesn’t sound like Paramount’s PR people were thrilled about it at all, and wanted to get back on message.

Webb says Grammer offered up some rationale on why he still backs Trump, even heading into the 2024 election — but since he’s now involved with Paramount and co. on this new show, it doesn’t seem we’ll get to hear the why of it all.

Remember, Kelsey was a vocal DT supporter during his first term … and he didn’t shy away from that. Now that he’s a TV poster child again, though, things are lil’ different, it seems.

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