Kim Kardashian given silver sculpture of her brain as very unique Christmas gift

Kim Kardashian has been given a silver sculpture of her "actual" brain for Christmas in one of the most unusual gifts.

The reality TV star and SKIMS founder, 43 took to Instagram on Sunday [17 December] to show her 364M followers the truly unique gift in a video. The replica of her brain was a silver sculpture and placed on a glass stand, Kim provided a 360 view of the gift as it was placed on a spacious countertop.

Explaining to the camera, Kim said: "So, how cool is this. The Prenuvo people made me a sculpture of my brain. This is like, my actual brain." Prenuvo is a diagnostic imaging centre based in areas such as Los Angeles and New York City.

In the video caption, she added: "Very cool. Christmas present from @prenuvo." Kim shared a second video of the computer image of her brain and said: "This is a full video of my brain on a screen and it explains everything about it."

She continued: " I'm just so grateful. I think it's really cool that the Prenuvo team did this – and explains all different parts of your brain". Adding: "And I have the sculpture" as the brain on the screen moved around showing the different angles.

Prenuvo doesn't just offer scans of the brain but also other body parts including the Torso, Head & Torso or a Whole body. But the scans come at a cost as a whole body scan will set you back $2,499 as stated on their website.

Back in August, Kim revealed to her fans that she underwent the pricey full body scan and encouraged others to try it for themselves. This led to the TV star being labelled as "tone deaf" after followers expressed how unaffordable the process was.

In the post at the time, Kim explained: "I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life saving machine. The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in its earliest stages, before symptoms arise."

She added: "It was like getting a MRI for an hour with no radiation. It has really saved some of my friends lives and I just wanted to share." While the scan was applauded, some fans weren't impressed.

One wrote: "Kim, this is for wealthy people. People can't afford food right now." Another added: "Maybe donate some of your millions to get people scanned."

A third commented: "She is sending a message to her wealthy friends. We just happened to see the post." While one said: "Meanwhile I'm picking the cheapest pasta sauce lol."

"Don’t worry guys it’s only $2499 I’m sure we can all afford that , thank you Kim [laughing face emoji]", said another.

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