KJ Apa: My Girlfriend is Pregnant! I’m Gonna Be a KJ Papa!

Riverdale is a surreal fever dream masquerading as an off-the-walls teen drama.

KJ Apa plays one of the main characters of the ensemble cast, Archie.

The 23-year-old heartthrob has stunned the entire world with an announcement.

He and girlfriend Clara Berry are expecting their first child together.

In the afternoon, on Wednesday, May 19, KJ Apa took to Instagram.

He did not write any caption, but merely uploaded a single photo.

In the picture, he is lounging on a sofa beside his girlfriend … the visibly pregnant Clara Berry.

Clara shared her own series of photos.

She, too, did not bother with writing a caption, opting to instead share just a pair of emojis.

The photos, however, spoke for themselves.

In photo after photo, the 27-year-old professional model put her beautiful baby bump on display.

Basking under the rays of the sun, she reveals her pregnant belly in multiple pictures.

There is no question that this child will be beautiful. Just look at the parents.

KJ Apa did actually comment to confirm the pregnancy, as if it were unclear from the pics.

“She’s pregnant btw,” the Riverdale star wrote under Clara’s photos.

Clara replied, writing: “We are.”

It may sound silly that we’re glad that there was confirmation, but we are.

Life is complicated, so it’s good that they put it in writing that this is a real pregnancy, one that they’re going through together.

Friends, fans, and castmates alike showered the couple with adoration and congratulations.

Just last year, KJ’s costar, Vanessa Morgan, shared her own pregnancy news … followed immediately by a divorce announcement.

Her baby boy is named River, and she was quick to comment on KJ and Clara’s happy news.

“River’s soon to be bestie,” Vanessa wrote, indicating that their babies should have playdates in the future.

KJ and Clara first confirmed their relationship in February of 2020.

At that time, the pair went Instagram official.

KJ’s caption, written in French, indicated that it was “love at first sight.”

Of course, many people have felt what they would describe as “love at first sight” upon seeing KJ Apa.

In fact, in some scenes on Riverdale, many viewers have felt what they would creatively describe as “pregnant” at the sight of him.

But Clara doesn’t have to post a GIF to represent how her “ovaries are exploding.” She has the real deal.

KJ skyrocketed to fame at 19 when he was cast as Archie on Riverdale.

The series is an unstoppable hit on The CW, and perhaps not in the way that many expected.

The series has managed to attract two very different audiences.

Ostensibly, the target audience is teen viewers who will latch onto various simple, straight “ships.”

To a degree, that has happened with the Bughead contingent of the fandom.

The series is also very appealing to older, often LGBTQ+ fans who see it as following in the footsteps of Gossip Girl and Twin Peaks.

Interestingly, though KJ was initially playing a high school student, Riverdale recently had a time jump.

As a result, he is now younger than the character whom he plays. 

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to him and to Clara on their first child.

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