Kourtney Kardashian: Sofia is a Better Girlfriend to Scott Than I Ever Was!

While it may be true that Scott Disick didn’t fully appreciate his family before it fell apart, he’s all about family these days.

Dating Sofia Richie seems to have made him into a better man and a better father.

And no one is more aware of that fact that Kourtney Kardashian.

Us Weekly spoke to an inside source about how Kourtney Kardashian really feels about her baby daddy’s very serious romance with Sofia Richie.

“Kourtney thinks Sofia brings out the best in Scott,” the insider reveals.

While there’s a lot to be said about whether women should be responsible for a man’s behavior … we have to say that she’s right on the money.

“And,” the source shares, Kourtney “is happy for them.”

Considering that she has every right to be resentful that he couldn’t get his act together when they were together, that’s very gracious of her.

“Kourtney and Sofia share a common background and lifestyle,” the insider observes.

“And,” the source adds. “Sofia is easy to get along with.”

That is great to hear, though unsurprising. Aside from the people she dates, she’s never really at the center of much drama.

The insider elaborates, saying that Sofia is easy-going “and is a normal girl.”

Right, just a normal world-famous young model whose dad is Lionel Richie. Normal.

“Everything is positive with Sofia and Kourtney right now,” the source continues.

That is great to hear. 

“The family is in a really good place right now,” the insider observes.

It can be difficult to reenact the lyrics to Gwen Stefani’s “Cool,” but Kourtney is managing it.

“And,” she source divulges. “Wveryone views Sofia as being part of the family.”

With an insular group like the Kardashians, that is no easy feat.

But apparently Sofia is just another cog in the Kardashian machine these days.

“Sofia is integrated into their lives,” the insider explains.

Getting along with Kourtney and with the kids is a huge part of how that has worked out.

“And,” the source reports. “They’re closer than ever before.”

Modern families can be very complicated (so could not-so-modern families be, by the way). When you make it work, it works.

The first priority, of course, are Kourtney and Scott’s three kids — Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

“Kourtney and Scott are coparenting in a great way,” the insider praises.

“Scott and Kourtney realize it looks weird from an outside perspective,” the source acknwoledges. “That they have stayed so close as exes.

“But,” the insdier points out. “It works for them.”

It certainly seems to be. And the addition of Sofia seems to have, if anything, calmed the waters instead of making things worse.

The report also goes to great pains to shut down rumors that Kourtney has mixed feelings about how well Scott and Sofia work together.

“Any rumors about Kourtney thinking it’s ‘bittersweet’ …” the source begins.

The insider continues: “that Scott has been able to be the partner to Sofia that he wasn’t able to be for Kourtney.”

The source concludes by strongly affirming that these “are strictly rumors.”

Feelings are complicabed, but it is 100% possible to get over your ex while interacting with them every single day.

And how could Kourtney not feel happy that the situation is the best that it could be for her three children?

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