Lance Bass Apparently Came Out To Britney Spears On Her Wedding Night So She’d ‘Stop Crying’

If you ever want to cheer up Britney Spears, try coming out to her!

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lance Bass revealed that the pop icon was one of the first people he came out to, two years before he went public with his sexuality in 2006.

And get this: the *NSYNC star only told Brit he was gay so she’d stop crying about her sudden marriage!

As he explained to Andy Cohen, Bass paid the Toxic singer a visit in Las Vegas back in January 2004 the night she got married to Jason Alexander — a marriage that, for those who forgot, was annulled just 55 hours later.

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The 40-year-old recalled:

“It was the night that she got married the first time in Vegas to Jason. So I went up to Vegas to kind of see the craziness that was happening. And she was a little upset once she realized what she had done because, you know, it was a funny thing. And then she started, like, really crying and, like, she was so upset.”

In an effort to console the crying pop princess, Bass decided to let her in on a little secret:

“And so I took her to her room and we were sitting on her bed and she wouldn’t stop crying, so I was like, ‘I’m gay…?’”


Lo and behold, it worked. Lance added:

“And it made her stop crying… She chuckled.”


If it didn’t come straight from Lance’s mouth, we’d honestly think this was fan fiction. Who would’ve thought the two music icons shared such an intimate moment together!?

Bass eventually came out as gay in a 2006 People cover story, although he admitted to sleeping with women in the past. He’s currently married to husband Michael Turchin, and the couple are currently seeking their first child through surrogacy.

Brit, meanwhile, may or may not be engaged to her boyfriend Sam Asghari. While it’s unclear if the diamond ring she was recently spotted wearing is an actual engagement ring, the couple has made no secret of their love for one another. 

Clearly, both stars are in much better places than they were in 2004, but it’s wonderful to hear they were able to lean on each other during those tough times.

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) from Lance’s WWHL appearance for the full story!

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