Leah McSweeney Wars with Ramona Singer: DON’T Tell People I’m Bipolar!

Last week, Ramona Singer flipped out and threatened to quit The Real Housewives after Leah McSweeney had the gall to … dance at a party.

Now, Leah is putting Ramona on blast, calling her “despicable” for telling everyone that she has bipolar disorder.

Before we get into the dispute over what Ramona was saying about Leah behind her back …

… Let’s cover what Leah said right to Ramona’s face.

Leah is not someone whom you want to ignore, clearly.

Ramona sat down with Sonja Morgan for like a mini-intervention, discussing her behavior.

Sonja had been upset before attending Ramona’s party, but was clearly feeling no pain as she danced during the festivities.

Unfortunately, she danced on top uf and broke a mirror as the night went on. Ramona was worried.

As all of this is happening, Ramona is not even looking at Leah, who pours herself a glass of Pellegrino.

But Leah points out that she has seen, firsthand, that Ramona has a “nasty side.”

As she notes, it’s often less about what Ramona says than about what she does not say — or the people to whom she does not speak.

Leah laments that she is “being ignored” by Ramona in this moment, as the latter does not even acknowledge that she is in the room.

“Acting like you’re invisible is the worst thing you can do to someone,” Leah opines in her confessional.

Is that a little hyperbolic? Sure. But we can understand the feeling.

At this point, Leah McSweeney reaches a level of confrontational that I, personally, have only ever reached in my literal dreams.

“Ramona is a terrible person,” Leah announces, standing just feet away from Ramona but addressing Sonja. “And everybody knows it.

Leah accuses: “She’s a bitch, she doesn’t support women, and she’s phony.”

“And she singles me out,” Leah notes.

“You’re one of her best friends,” Leah points out to Sonja, “and she treats you like s–t.”

“And that’s Ramona,” she concludes, adding, “and I’m leaving.” And so she does.

Leah sits down with Dorinda in a later scene, which we have also included in this post.

Dorinda notes that Leah is clearly upset about more than just Ramona’s dance-shaming at the party.

Though Ramona’s behavior at the party was still bizarre and hurtful.

Leah does acknowledge that Ramona has been claiming that she flashed her vagina at people at the party … which she calls a “demeaning” lie.

At this point, Leah says that her real issue is that Ramona crossed a line by gossiping about her mental health.

She tells Dorinda that Ramona spoke to Sonja, and that Sonja passed it on to her.

“Right before the trip to Mexico, Sonja called me

“And she kind of let it slip out that Ramona was gossiping about me having bipolar disorder”

“Which is repulsive as f–k”

“I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder on my 30th birthday”

“And really dedicated the last 7 years of my life to getting it under control”

“And to getting myself in a good place”

Additionally, Leah details that she is not on any kind of medication to treat her bipolar disorder.

Which means that Ramona’s concern-trolling is just that — there’s nothing to “interact” with alcohol (though Leah is currently sober).

Leah has not discussed this with any of the Housewives, leading her to believe that Ramona did some digging into her — which she finds to be “despicable.”

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