Lil Nas X Bared His Ripped Abs to Celebrate His New Single Dropping

Lil Nas X wants his fans to know he has a new song coming out, and he chose an appropriately Lil Nas X way to inform them. Never one to shy away from attention, the rapper tweeted a series of playful mirror selfies yesterday, with his shirt wide open to show off his lean, ripped physique—and propositioning his 6.4 million followers.

“New song drops this friday pls have sex with me,” he wrote in the caption for the thirst trap triptych, in which his shredded abs are on full display. Clearly his training regime—which he shared a glimpse of on Instagram last month—is paying off.

While prefacing a new track with Twitter thirst on main might be deemed a somewhat provocative move for some artists, by Lil Nas’ standards it’s practically vanilla. This is, after all, the performer whose last single was accompanied by a music video in which he was seduced by a serpentine version of himself in the Garden of Eden, before pole-dancing his way down to Hell where he gave the Devil himself a lapdance before snapping his neck and taking the throne of the underworld for himself.

At the time, Lil Nas stated publicly that ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ was a direct response to religious fundamentalists who claim that homosexuality is a sin, and that he included his given name in the title as a way of letting the world know he refuses to hide who he is. The new single, entitled ‘Sun Goes Down’, looks set to continue this theme; he has said that the music video will show him going back in time to visit his younger self who is still struggling to come to terms with his identity. “I try my best to uplift him,” he wrote on Twitter. “Can’t wait to share this song and video with you guys on Friday. This one is really special to me.”

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