Love Island fans call to get Montel off after Movie Night clip upsets Leah

Love Island's Montel McKenzie has been slammed by show fans after a Movie Night clip of him hitting on Tink during Casa Amor was played to the villa.

His partner Leah, who he eventually stayed single for in the post-Casa recoupling, was gobsmacked by his behaviour, as she accused him of not telling her the truth about everything that had happened.

Montel was clearly feeling the pressure as he got defensive when challenged by the girls, and Love Island fans were not here for his reaction.

One wrote: "Eww get Montel off #loveIsland," whilst another wrote: "Montell’s moving as if producers created those scenes out of thin air #loveIsland."

A third said: "Montel is a fool for that!!! #LoveIsland."

There was more drama to come, as it was later revealed that Tyrique had been encouraging both Montel and Sammy to kiss the girls in Casa Amor, despite staying loyal to Ella himself.

Love Island fans were quick to slam Montel even further, as they berated him for following Tyrique's orders, as one even branded him a "sheep".

That person said on Twitter: "This just shows that montel is a sheeeppppp #loveIsland."

Another tweeted: "i can’t believe Sammy and montel listen to tyrique like a dog #loveIsland."

Someone else said: "Montel has no backbone #LoveIsland," whilst a fourth wrote: "Got you out of jail? Montel now everyone sees how spineless you are #loveIsland."

Even more drama came when Scott reacted angrily to the girls laughing about Catherine getting to know Elom.

At his reaction, Leah shouted something across the fire pit at him, as he came back with a savage dig.

He asked her: "Why are you speaking now when you haven't spoken in here for four weeks," which left everyone gobsmacked.

After Movie Night ended, Leah attempted to chat to him about his comment, but he shouted at her as he accused her of saying "none of the Casa girls wanted him".

She ended up storming off and later said in the Beach Hut that she would like to never have to have a conversation with him again after that.

Meanwhile, Jess was left in tears after she heard what Sammy had been up to in Casa Amor, as he kissed two girls.

She confronted him about it, and their chat descended into chaos as they started arguing, and he then took off as he declared the situation "stupid".

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