Love Islands AJ Bunker reveals new TV venture that will change peoples lives

Love Island star Andrea-Jane Bunker has exciting news to share as she embarks on a new television venture that promises to make a profound impact on people's lives. The star recently announced her participation in a groundbreaking reality TV series called The Veteran. Spanning nine gripping episodes, this innovative show aims to offer viewers an intimate and insightful glimpse into the lives of veterans from various branches of the UK's armed forces.

In a post on Instagram the former Islander wrote: “I am so excited and honoured to be part of the new tv program and amazing project @theveterantvprogram

“I grew up in a military household, with my dad and brothers all serving for our country. In fact, military service extended throughout my fathers entire blood line. So you can imagine how much this means to me and my family.”

She continued: “I truly believe this program is going to change so many lives and spread awareness on life after war and service. It will be an eye opener, that will touch so many hearts, and I just know that my grandad will be looking down on me so proud that I’m taking part.”

In this stirring production, AJ will be paired with ex-military individuals who have encountered homelessness, PTSD, and/or disabilities as they navigate their daily challenges. Together, AJ and her celebrity counterparts will embark on a journey of discovery, shadowing the lives of these remarkable veterans and gaining firsthand knowledge of the hardships they endure. They will then combine their skill sets to organise a charity event, raising awareness and support for the UK charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans.

Andrea-Jane first rose to fame on Love Island back in 2021. She was an Islander on season 7 and entered the villa on day 17 but was dumped from the island only five days later. However, her short stint on the show has left a lasting impact on her life as she revealed in an exclusive interview with OK!.

“My actual name is Andrea Jane, so people either call me Andrea, Jane or Janey. No one ever calls me AJ,” she said.

“I filled out all of my forms using my full name, so my suitcase and water bottles both read Andrea Jane.

“When I was in the holding villa, the producers used my initials AJ as a codename in order to keep my identity secret.”

However, after jetting out to Mallorca to stay in a holding villa, the 2021 contestant soon left her friends and family confused after appearing to change her name during her time on the show.

“Minutes before I walked into the villa, an exec asked if it was ok if I was called AJ. I thought he was speaking about the codename and wanted to keep my real name under wraps. I didn’t realise they were actually going to change my name,” she explained.

“I remember coming out of the villa and turning my phone on and seeing everyone calling me AJ. I cried my eyes out as soon as I saw it,” she added.

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