MAFS UKs Amy Christophers shares show secrets – from 9am parties to being locked in rooms

Amy Christophers soon became a favourite on Married at First Sight UK when she was matched with Joshua Christie by the show's expert on the series.

And as she looks back on her time on the show, Amy, 35, has given an insight into the programme by sharing some secrets viewers may be shocked by.

Speaking to Johnny Seifert on Secure The Insecure podcast, the star first revealed she would arrive at 9am in the morning before filming.

Amy said that they asked her to tell a few things about herself on camera, before heading to the mixer, which she says "had the most tension".

After having a few drinks with everyone, Amy admitted she would be "locked in her room for two hours" when all she wanted to do was "go dancing".

She shared: "You'd have a few drinks there. I'm one of those people that I'm like, 'Oh, I can get drunk on one drink.' So I'm like, 'Oh, and then I've got a taste for it. Well, no, I'm getting tipsy now. And now you're gonna go and lock me in a room for bloody two hours before our dinner's ready.'

"By that point, I've probably had like one or two glasses of champagne. And like, you know, I want to go dancing on tables and paint the town red and whatever. And then I've got to sit there. So then you get in a slump."

She added that they were told to go and get drunk again, but Amy said at that point that was the last thing she wanted to do: "By then you're just tired. I want to have a kebab."

When Amy went on to describe what she experienced at the dinner parties as being "lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant", before slamming the caterers for "f***ing up" her food "every single time".

"Once you're sat down at that table, you can't break the screen, the smoke and mirrors or whatever you've got, like, all of the cameras and crew and whatever behind you," she said.

"There were only three dinner parties. But basically every single time they f****d up my food, the caterers, and I'm like, just sat there miserable, and I'm starving. I've just got p*****d, and now I'm sober again."

Amy recalled the time she couldn't tell anyone when her asparagus was covered in butter and had to "slam her hands on the table" to get the attention of someone.

She said: "I'm like waving my hand like it's at school and I'm like, 'I really can't eat this and I'm starving.

"'Can you get me something else, please?'"

The star added that "it ruins the illusion" but she didn't want to "sit there being miserable" and not be able to eat with the others.

Amy Christopher spoke to Johnny Seifert on Secure The Insecure podcast


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