Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Take 'Divergent Path' from Kate and William as Their Joint Charity Separates

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to take “divergent paths” when it comes to their future charity work.

The two couples are poised to go their own ways rather than work as a unit under their joint charity The Royal Foundation. The separation is a “natural progression” and not a breakup, a source tells PEOPLE. The news was first reported by The Sun.

“A review of The Royal Foundation is something that had previously been announced,” says the source. “This is part of [the couples’] diverging paths, which hastened a look at the foundation.”

Two months ago, the couples separated their joint “court” at Kensington Palace by creating two separate offices. Meghan and Harry’s office moved out of Kensington Palace and into Buckingham Palace, where the Queen resides, while William and Kate’s office remains in Kensington Palace, where they live with their three children. (Since then, Meghan and Harry have moved to Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage with baby Archie — 25 miles outside London — and launched their own Instagram page.)

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As heir to the throne, “the Duke of Cambridge has less flexibility [in his charity work] because of his constitutional obligations,” says the source. New dad Harry “is now married, has started a family and is not constitutionally bound. It is a natural progression.”

The two couples also have different “stylistic” approaches to their work, adds the source: “The Cambridges take a very top-level approach. They have different roles and three small children.”

On the other hand, Harry “has taken a very hands-on, in-the-weeds approach to the birth of Invictus,” his paralympic games for wounded service members and veterans, says the source.

The royal foursome shared the stage in February 2018 at the Royal Foundation Forum, which was set to be the first of many similar events.

Lorraine Heggessey, CEO of the Royal Foundation Forum, told PEOPLE after the event that seeing them together on the stage summed up their public work of “the whole idea of the family working together.”

“You saw the way they interact and how they bounce off each other and have a natural passion and commitment to the work and to making a difference,” she said.

Heggessey also told Sky News the presence of all four at the event was “significant.”

“What’s important to all three of their royal highnesses at the moment and Ms. Meghan Markle is that this generation of the royal family is seen to work together collectively to make a difference and make a significant impact on the issues that matter both to them as individuals and matter to them collectively and to society,” she said. “I think for Ms. Markle, she just naturally had synergy and you know understood that idea, it resonated with her and we’re now researching, very early stages areas of interest and themes that might develop for her in the future.”

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