Millie Mackintosh plans to watch second baby being born by dropping curtain on C-section

Millie Mackintosh has revealed she is planning a caesarean section with her second baby.

The pregnant Made in Chelsea star explained while it was her choice she was also recommended by doctors to give birth the same way as how she delivered daughter Sienna 18 months ago.

Millie, who recently opened up on daughter Sienna having hand, foot and mouth disease, told her Instagram followers her Obstetrician insisted it was the “safest” option given her birth history and she was keen to explain the journey she’s about to embark on.

The 32 year old star, who married Hugo Taylor in 2018, assured her fans that whichever way they choose to give birth is a “magical thing to experience”.

She also opened up on wanting to drop the curtain in theatre so she can witness her baby being born.

“I am excited to undergo another abdominal birth,” Millie told her followers. “This time I am going to opt to drop the curtain so we can watch the baby being born.

“Sienna was breech, and came out bottom first and I was too nervous to watch! I am slightly dreading the recovery, especially now we also have a toddler running around!”

The reality TV star and brand ambassador went on to share some tips for fellow mothers on her social media page, including her own personal experiences with different methods following her first caesarean.

She advised women to have someone else "in charge" of their pain relief – as she said it can be really "intense" in the first few days following labour.

Millie also mentioned using laxatives to help "you go" and recommended a support band for the first walk.

“I wore a support band which helped me feel more confident, as after having abdominal surgery I felt very wobbly,” she said. “I definitely walked too far too soon last time, so I am going to take it really slow.”

Millie finished by opening up on some new things she plans to try after her next C-section.

The expecting mum continued: “C-section recovery pants from @bellybandit and absorbent underwear from @shopproof which look a lot more chic than adult diapers!

“I was sent a c-section recovery kit from @csectioncorrection which I plan to use around 6 weeks after. The kit includes silicone treatment strips, coconut oil and a compression suit, which will hopefully help with scarring to create a near invisible incision scar.

“I’d love to hear any tips from Mums who have had c-sections with their children. Anything to be aware of second time around?” the star added.

Millie also shared a snap of her in bed with her first daughter Sienna.

The auburn-haired beauty had her eyes closed as she lay in grey cozy pyjamas with her newborn asleep on her chest.

The mum and daughter looked adorable together as they shared a sweet moment for the camera.

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