Molly-Mae Hague details magical birth – from epidural to scary collapse after

Molly-Mae Hague has shared her "incredible" and "amazing" birth story, as the Love Island star revealed she didn't feel any pain due to having an epidural, but later experienced a scary collapse after labour.

The 22 year old mum-of-one started her YouTube vlog crying as she showed off baby Bambi, which saw her also reflecting on the backlash to her little one's unusual name, to her fans via the cameras, and admitted it's been a whirlwind since the birth.

The star then revealed the detail of her labour and the day she gave birth to her baby daughter, which started with a hormone drip at 7am due to the decision to be induced in hospital.

While doctors warned Molly-Mae that things weren't exactly "going to plan" throughout the day due to the lack of baby Bambi's movements, in the end, the star had her baby exactly how she wanted to – naturally.

She opened up on having pain medication to get through the contractions, and her plans to have an epidural, but admitted that the worst part was following the hormone drip.

"I did not take it like a champ," she explained. "I was in pain and it was really really hard. It felt like what I'd imagine a contraction to feel like but kind of constant, there was no break.

"I was in this pain for five hours, five hours of excruciating, I'd describe it as period pains. I would.

"But it was like intense from my head to my toes, I could feel the period pain, if that makes sense."

Molly-Mae said she spent the morning of around five or six hours "crying and rolling around in pain", but chose not to have gas and air as she was waiting for the epidural.

"I always knew it was something I wanted to have," the reality star went on. "I personally knew my pain threshold probably wasn't going to be high enough to get me through a completely natural delivery."

Molly-Mae was then given the local anaesthetic and epidural around midday, but revealed that she had to have the dose increased a few times so she couldn't feel the pain.

The star's doctor then came in and broke her waters for her, which boyfriend Tommy Fury also watched, and that prompted contractions to begin.

"I could feel the sensations of contractions, I could feel my whole body going super super tight," the new mum continued to recall. "But I was in no pain it was just magical."

At around 4pm, the PrettyLittleThing creative director shared that things happened "very very quickly" in her labour due to doctors still worrying about Bambi's movement and heart rate.

At one point, when Molly-Mae was only 3cm dilated, doctors also said it was likely she would need to have a C-section, and Tommy was told to get changed into scrubs as a result.

"Things just weren't quite going to plan, which is really common with an induction and something I was prepared for, and had expected," the star admitted. "I really didn't mind at that point. However we have to get her here safely."

But in a "miraculous" turn of events, the YouTube star had managed to dilate to 7cm just as they were about to wheel her down to theatre.

"3cm to 7cm in 20 minutes, which was crazy," Molly-Mae laughed. "It was almost like my body was like 'no let's do this, we can do this'. Almost like Bambi was like 'I can come out mum, I can come out through your vagina'."

The star went on to say that after that the energy in her birthing suite changed completely and it was "amazing" but a "massive blur".

She recalled putting her legs up in the stirrups to get ready to push, and the doctor helped pull baby Bambi out with a ventouse suction cup.

"The pushing, I'll be completely honest, I loved it. And I loved it because of my epidural," Molly smiled honestly. "I enjoyed the pushing because I'd had an epidural, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it without one. I don't think I'd have enjoyed the whole labour without it.

"It made me completely enjoy my labour. I could still feel everything I had all the sensations, but I was not in any pain. So every time I had a contraction I'd push push push really really hard.

"I could feel Bambi's head coming out of my vagina – I know I keep saying it but I have to give it credit because it doesn't sound normal otherwise, because of my epidural – I could feel Bambi's head coming out of my vagina completely. I had the sensation that her head was sliding out of me, but I wasn't in any pain."

The star added that the sensation was like "doing a poo," and it took her around "eight big pushes" for Bambi to emerge earth-side.

"I was in complete and utter shock. That's the only way I can describe it," she said. "I was in literal, complete and utter shock. Tommy was sobbing his heart out. I’ve never seen anything like it.

"There was snot streaming from his nose, we were hugging and she was there… honestly it was like the most magical experience of my entire life and I will never ever get over it."

Molly also told her followers that the only downside to having an epidural was the after-effects, as she forgot and tried to get out of bed 10/20 minutes after giving birth.

The star pivoted out of bed and stood up but then collapsed and dropped to the ground "like a sack of potatoes".

Thankfully, the sensation in her legs came back about an hour later, and while the next five days were a whirlwind of "no sleep", she'd do those "horrible" days over and over again for Bambi.


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