Naga Munchetty hits back as fan rejoices her absence from BBC Breakfast: Oh dear…

Naga Munchetty suffers coughing fit during radio show

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Naga Munchetty, 47, found herself replying to a couple of disgruntled BBC Breakfast viewers over the weekend, after they celebrated the fact she wasn’t on-air. The TV star wasn’t in the mood for unnecessary remarks and let her stance on their unpleasantness known to all.

Long may your own lack of pleasantness continue

Naga Munchetty

It comes after one user named Rob, announced how glad he was Naga was missing from the BBC show.

“Glad that BBC Breakfast doesn’t have @TVNaga01 on the sofa again,” he said.

“It’s a far more pleasant program without her snide and irritating comments.

“Long may the lack of @TVNaga01 on our screens continue.”

In the comments section, Naga’s fans began to defend the presenter but it soon came to her attention.

And she sure didn’t beat around the bush with her reply.

“Ah Rob,” she sighed.

“Thank goodness there’s someone else who is also ‘snide & irritating’ out there. Phew!”

She concluded by reiterating Rob’s last sentence with a clever play on his words: “Long may your own lack of pleasantness continue.”

Another user also decided to pen their dissatisfaction, agreeing with Rob’s comments.

Taking to Twitter again, the user known as Tim, wrote: “I and many others change channels when snide Naga is on. Agree with Rob.

“Whats worse if you turn the radio on, she’s there as well,” he continued, referring to her Radio 5 Live programme.

“Why on earth do BBC rate her? Well I know the answer….”

Naga soon saw the nasty post and gave a very simple response.

“Yet you follow me on Twitter,” she pointed out.

“Oh dear Tim…”

Others rushed to reassure her with their support, with one saying: “Aren’t some people odd, take this Rob for example, actually taking time to post this.

“Don’t bother wasting any of your time Naga, for every Rob there’s a thousand people who love your work.

“PS I think you are absolutely fantastic on radio 5, Smart, insightful, fun and empathic.”

Another concurred: “I agree, she’s really excellent on the radio.

“Funny how you don’t hear people complaining about her radio shows. Wonder why that is?”

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