NFL Legend Terrell Owens Caught on Camera Punching Man Outside of Store

The Pro Football Hall of Famer is seen fighting and knocking down a man who allegedly harasses a fan of the former San Francisco 49ers star at CVS in Los Angeles.

AceShowbizTerrell Owens isn’t letting anyone play with his fans. The NFL legend got involved in an altercation with a man, who harassed his fan, outside of a CVS in Los Angeles over the weekend that resulted in him sucker punching the heckler.

The incident went down on Saturday night, November 26 around 11:30 P.M. at the pharmacy in Inglewood, California. Terrell tells TMZ he intended to quickly stop by the store and grab a few necessities. While inside, he met a 49ers fan who approached him and they had a friendly conversation.

But things took a turn when a second man, who was later involved in a fight with Terrell, started to trash talk the fan Terrell was conversing with. Witnesses say the man threatened to beat up the wide receiver, who is currently playing for Knights of Degen in Fan Controlled Football (FCF), and the fan outside.

The group eventually made their way outside to the sidewalk in front of the store. Terrell was reportedly trying to keep the peace between everyone until the man allegedly swung at him. That’s when the 48-year-old athlete allegedly fought back. He threw punches that landed on the man’s body and face, knocking him down.

The fight was caught on a video taken by an eyewitness from outside of the store. In the video, two persons behind the camera were commenting on the brawl, blaming the heckler for looking for trouble. “He’s stupid as hell,” a woman said of the heckler.

After getting back on his feet, the aggressor continued to shout something at Terrell. The former NFL star eventually went back to his vehicle and drove away. Police were not called to the scene.

Earlier this year, Terrell was involved in an incident with an alleged racist neighbor. He called the cops on a woman who accused him of speeding and almost running over her back in August, which he denied. The woman, named Caitlin Davis, was arrested in October and charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for “knowingly” giving “false information to a law enforcement officer… concerning the alleged commission of a crime.”

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