Noah Kahan Teams Up With Post Malone On New Version Of 'Dial Drunk'

Noah Kahan has teamed up with Post Malone for a new version of his viral hit “Dial Drunk.”

“The reaction to ‘Dial Drunk’ has been so incredible and so overwhelming. I never know when or why a song is going to land, and to see the meaning and connection you have drawn from this track has inspired me in a way I have never been inspired before. You can only imagine my shock and excitement when Post told me he wanted to not only sing on it, but write his own verse,” Kahan said of the new version.

He added, “I have been listening to Post Malone since ‘White Iverson’ dropped, even covering ‘Congratulations’ right when my career was beginning. It feels like a full circle moment, and it has been a dream come true to make this collaboration happen. Thank you so much Post for blessing me with your involvement.”

Kahan has been teasing the song for the past week on social media, hiding Easter Eggs for fans to find online about the exciting and unexpected feature.

“Drinks pourin’ couldn’t stop it/Turn another slow dance into a mosh pit/Tuck my head then I heard the lock and/Told him that my first car was a Crown Vic,” Malone sings on the song, co-produced by Kahan and Gabe Simon. “Talking ’bout last time I was in the back of a cop car I fell in love/My face on the cold window try to sober back up and loosen my cuffs.”

Kahan sings, “I’m remembering I promised to forget you now / But it’s raining, and I’m calling drunk / And my medicine is drowning your perspective out / So I ain’t taking any fault / Am I honest still? Am I half the man I used to be? / I doubt it, forget about it, whatever / And the dial tone is all I have.”

The collab follows Kahan’s recent release of Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), an extension of 2022’s Stick Season album.

(Photo: Mercury/Republic Records)

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