Phillip Schofield reveals his favourite hobby is star gazing – we love how passionately he spoke about it

Phillip Schofield surprised viewers on Wednesday when he revealed that he’s a secret stargazer! The This Morning host became giddy when he and co-star Holly Willoughby spoke to a space scientist about Tuesday’s pink supermoon – which is when the moon is the brightest and biggest it will be all year and is at its closet point to earth – admitting he even uses apps to help him stay on top of his hobby.

Phillip Scofield passionatley spoke about stargazing on This Morning

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“I’ve been looking forward to talking to you all morning,’ Phillip excitedly told astronomer Maggie. “This is so far up my street I can’t tell you. I’ve been a stargazer for quite a long time, I’ve got the apps, I know where a lot of things are in the sky and the apps actually can help just to point out what you are looking at because then you do get to see, ‘Oh that’s Saturn, that’s Mars.'”

Speaking about one of his favourite apps, Sat Seeker, Phillip added: “The other thing, which is great fun, is to download Sat Seeker and you can see where the space station is on the app, so it obviously pinpoints where you are, and it will then tell you when it’s going to come over and the timing is perfectly accurate and you can then see it appear on the horizon and you can then watch the space station over your head.” It definitely sounds like a winner to us!

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