Piers Morgan wants to thank Meghan Markle amid feud: ‘She’s been great for my career’

Piers Morgan arrives at Tric Awards before picking up best News Presenter

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Piers Morgan, 56, appeared at today’s TRIC Awards where he walked off with the gong for Best News Presenter. However, chatting to Express.co.uk on the red carpet, he addressed how he thought Meghan Markle would feel about his win.

Piers has made his feelings for the Duchess of Sussex clear as a fervent critic of her actions.

However, the broadcaster couldn’t help a dig at the royal as he won the award for Best News Presenter earlier tonight.

Piers admitted he doesn’t “care” about what Meghan would think about his nomination.

Asked about her, he said: “I mean, who cares?”

“She’s been great for my career though honestly,” Piers added.

“I really just want to thank her.”

Piers was awarded for his work on Good Morning Britain, which he made his dramatic exit from earlier this year.

Viewers will remember Piers left after his controversial comments about Meghan and Prince Harry’s Oprah Winfrey interview back in March.

The pair had spoken about leaving the Royal Family, Meghan’s battle with mental health and comments a family member had made about Archie’s skin colour.

Appearing on the news show, he claimed he did not “believe a word she said” in the chat.

The moment saw more than 57,000 complaints to Ofcom and Piers exiting the news show.

Piers was cleared by Ofcom over his comments on Meghan earlier this month.

The broadcasting body said he did not break standards with his comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

Ofcom said that ITV had “provided adequate protection to viewers from potentially harmful and highly offensive statements about mental health and suicide”.

It was also ruled Piers had the “freedom of expression” to make his comments on the show.

When he won the award earlier tonight, Piers invited his former Good Morning Britain co-host, Susanna Reid, up on stage with him to share the award.

In his speech, he said: “Good Morning Britain was a remarkable place to work because every morning people were waking up and we had to tell them pretty horrible news.”

Piers then added: “It was the most challenging and testing time I’ve ever had as a journalist and I couldn’t have done it without the brilliant team.

“I know it all ended dramatically earlier this year, but we had an amazing run.

“Five years on that show and I spent all five years with Susanna Reid.”

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