Please Take a Moment to Appreciate All the Pretty Boys of Tiny Pretty Things

If you’re not already watching Tiny Pretty Things, what are you even doing in this post? Then again, we can’t blame you for wanting to check out all of the ridiculously hot men from the cast. In a show filled with murder, mystery, and mayhem, it’s nice to know there’s always some sort of eye candy lurking around every corner at the Archer School of Ballet. Whether it’s teachers like Bayardo De Murguia’s Ramon Costa and Shaun Benson’s Topher Brooks or students like Michael Hsu Rosen’s Nabil and Barton Cowperthwaite’s Oren, we are all about their dancing skills . . . and seeing them in their skintight leotards.

Since Tiny Pretty Things takes place at a ballet school, here’s a friendly reminder that ballet dancers are athletes. You certainly won’t be able to forget that while watching the cast move their bodies to the music, or when they’re moving their bodies in an entirely different fashion (the drama has to come from somewhere). If you’ve found yourself thirsting after the cast, below are just a few Instagrams we think you might want to check out. And if that’s not enough, Tiny Pretty Things is currently streaming on Netflix.

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