Priyanka Chopra Passionately Kisses ‘Outlander’s Sam Heughan While Filming New Movie – Pic

After cuddling with husband Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra is now making out with Sam Heughan in London while filming their new romantic comedy.

Avert your eyes Nick Jonas! His wife Priyanka Chopra was showing off her acting chops by seeming to be passionately in love with super hunky Outlander star Sam Heughan, 40, for their new romantic comedy Text to You. The production is being filmed in London, and looked so picturesque, with holiday lights surrounding the pair while fake snow fell down upon them. Sam took Priyanka into his arms as she put hers around his neck as they went in for an amorous kiss.

In the new movie, Priyanka plays a young woman mourning the tragic death of her fiance. To help ease the pain, she sends romantic texts to his old phone cell number, and ends up falling for the man who the number has been reassigned to. Sam is seen holding a phone in his hand as the pair made out in the faux snow, so it appears to be a key moment in the film where the two finally reveal their love for each other.

Before falling into each other’s arms, the pair could be seen looking at each other longingly and in a meaningful conversation on a sidewalk setting at night. The 38-year-old actress looked stunning in a pink wrap dress with an orange knit coat. Fortunately it appeared they were shooting from the waist up in at least several of the takes, as Priyanka wore warm Ugg boots for the chilly London night shoot.

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It was husband Nick who Priyanka last had her arms wrapped around, in a Dec. 14 photo she shared to Instagram. The couple was seen looking romantic and playful on the white living room sofa of their London rental home. Priyanka put her arms around Nick from behind and pulled him into her, while he looked back at her face so lovingly.

Priyanka gushed, “These two” in the caption with a hearts for eyes, as Nick had the couple’s pooch Diana sitting on his lap, warm and cozy in a $400 Moncler purple doggie jacket. Nick rocked a comfy looking Versace fleece sweater for the festive photo, as their gorgeously decorated Christmas tree could be seen in the background. While Priyanka was at work on Dec. 15, Nick was photographed going out for a solo stroll around London, which is their current home base as the former Quantinco star shoots her new film.

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