Ramona Singer Claps Back After Leah McSweeney Claims She Poops ‘During Sex’: She’s ‘Blatantly Lying’

Things are getting chippy in the Big Apple! ‘RHONY’ stars Ramona Singer and newcomer Leah McSweeney are going at it on Instagram after Leah claimed Ramona ‘sh-ts’ during sex. You can’t make this stuff up…

Ramona Singer doesn’t poop during sex, according to Ramon Singer. The Real Housewives of New York star, 63, fired back at costar Leah McSweeney, who claimed the latter in a viral video on Wednesday, July 15. The drama unfolded after a Cameo video showed Leah and friend of the show, Elyse Slaine talking about Ramona’s sex life.

“Ramona ‘I’ve got 50 best friends!’ well guess what bitch? Now she’s down to 49 ’cause I am out!” Elyse, who was solo in the beginning of the clip, said. “You want a little tea on Ramona? Wait ’til you hear why she says that she can’t meet a man. Listen to what she says. … I have a friend who wants to give a little tea on why Ramona can’t meet a man,” Elyse continued.

That’s when Leah popped her head in from the side of the camera and claimed Ramona, “sh-ts during sex!” Elyse, who couldn’t contain her laughter replied, “No, no, no… Alright, well, OK.”

Ramona caught wind of the video — which has since surfaced on a number of Bravo fan accounts, including “BravoHistorian” — and publicly denied that she soils the sheets.

“There is absolutely no truth to this,” Ramon wrote in the comments of BravoHistorian’s Instagram post on Thursday, July 16. “These girls are blatantly lying to create fake news in order to try and gain their own fame. It is very sad, immature and quite frankly mean girl behavior. The both have daughters and Nicole Slaine @nikislaine is a family friend. What example are they sending them … that bullying is acceptable.”

Leah, who is mom to 12-year-old daughter Kiki, hit back at Ramona in the same comments section. “OK geriatric Regina George AKA miss all lives matter don’t worry about the example I set for my daughter,” Leah replied. “She has an open mind and heart. Treats all with respect. Sees every race, religion, sexuality as equal. Elyse was ur actual friend (no idea why). You don’t deserve Elyse. OH HELL NO BITCH!”

Since the start of Season 12, Leah and Ramona haven’t seen eye-to-eye. Just a few weeks ago, Leah went on an expletive-filled Instagram rant, which appeared to call out Ramona for not wearing a mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic — especially with the recent surge in positive coronavirus cases nationwide.

While Leah didn’t specifically name Ramona, she did say: “I am so disgusted by some of my castmates and their families who spent the entire f–king quarantine in Florida, living it up, showing everybody how they’re living it up.” — If you didn’t know, Ramona is the only RHONY cast member who has been seen in Florida during the global health crisis.

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