Renée Zellweger needed fake teeth to play Judy Garland

Renée Zellweger had “seven to eight” sets of false teeth to play Judy Garland.

The star was sent home with the dentures to practice singing with them, hair and makeup designer Jeremy Woodhead revealed.

“The teeth proved one of the biggest challenges of ‘Judy.’”

“She had very distinct, ‘gappy’ teeth, and it was shocking toward the end as they were quite rotten,” Woodhead said. “I made seven to eight sets of false teeth. Renée took each set home to practice singing with them.”

Director Rupert Goold told the Hollywood Reporter he knew the designers had nailed it when “I would show people pictures on my phone and say, ‘Guess who this is?’ They had no idea it was Renée at all. It was brilliant.”

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