Sammi Giancola and Christian Biscardi: Is It Over?

More than two years ago, Sammi Giancola and Christian Biscardi became engaged.

Since then, Sammi has had a series of bridal photoshoots … but no apparent actual wedding.

Now, it’s suddenly looking like there might never be this long awaited wedding day.

Because … did Sammi and Christian just break up?

Earlier this year, Sammi confirmed that the wedding plans were still on.

She and Christian had very wisely and responsibly delayed their nuptials due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sammi also had put a lot of thought into who would be invited … and who very conspicuously would not.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, Sammi posed in a wedding dress.

If fans hadn’t seen her go through this process before, they’d think that she was leaking secret wedding photos.

Instead, Sammi was just doing yet another photoshoot — with a dress, with a cake, and more.

We get it — she’s excited for her wedding and loves all of the trappings of it.

And given Sammi’s ample net worth, she can afford some extra wedding cakes and photoshoots.

It’s all to build up hype for her big day … right?

It now appears that the two wedding postponements have turned into a cancelation.

They have not announced or confirmed anything.

But the clues are all over social media.

Previously, Sammi listed Christian in her Instagram bio.

At present, as you can see from a screenshot (snapped Tuesday, May 25), she does not.

Instead, she’s just promoting her business, including Sweetheart Coast — a new venture.

Now, as of the writing of this article, Christian still lists Sammi on his Instagram bio.

It is also reported that Christian has “wiped” Sammi from his Facebook account.

And there’s another clue, on his Instagram, that hints at a breakup.

Sammi’s name is tagged on Christian’s Instagram, but no longer functions as a link.

This could be explained if Sammi has blocked Christian.

While the two also appear to have unfollowed each other on Instagram, blocking is a drastic step.

Christian is a little less active on Instagram, so he may have simply not updated anything.

(His apparent unfollowing of Sammi could be explained by her blocking him; that does the unfollowing for you)

His last post was in March — celebrating the anniversary of their engagement.

Now, it has been a little while since Sammi posted photos of Christian.

But it does feel unlikely that her recent bridal shoot, done earlier this month, was post-breakup.

That means that this alleged breakup feels very recent … and, we must stress, any split remains unconfirmed.

A lack of official breakup announcements has not stopped fans.

Instead of mourning the apparent split, they are offering congratulations.

That’s right — if Sammi’s engagement of two years has been broken off, fans are celebrating.

“He seemed to eager to glom what little fame Sammi had,” observed one denizen of Reddit.

Another declared: “I never had a good feeling about him.”

It appears that a lot of people who like Sammi and wish her well think that she is better off without Christian.

We should acknowledge that Sammi’s personal history might make fans leery of trusting her instincts.

For years, Sammi had a toxic relationship with notorious rage monsters Ronnie Magro.

It might be too late to say that she dodged a bullet with him, but at least she got out of that mess.

For that reason, fans have felt a little uneasy about her romantic choices.

Let’s face it — sometimes, people have patterns that are not good for them.

It’s not paternalistic to worry if they’re making a mistake; it’s just human nature.

So it’s possible that it took a little long for Sammi to see that Christian wasn’t the man for her.

Honestly, better now than in a few months when they’re married, right?

Assuming that they really are split and this isn’t some sort of super weird social media stunt or a brief, ugly fight.

Sammi’s fans on social media continue to celebrate the news as if it were confirmed.

One labeled Christian as a “douchecanoe” whom they had never really liked to begin with.

Another noted that maybe the two delays to their wedding plans were a blessing in disguise.

You know what? Maybe Sammi got exactly what she needed out of this engagement.

As frustrating as some people find it, others really enjoy wedding planning and the idea of being a bride.

Dressing up, picking out cakes, curating guest lists — that can still be fun, even if your prospective groom turns out to suck.

But we don’t know exactly what happened or what went down.

So far, all that we really know is that Sammi’s Instagram is no longer advertising any bond with Christian, and his Facebook is returning the favor.

Everything beyond that — even if it’s right — is speculation. We are eager to hear Sammi offer clarity.

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