Soulja Boy Making Huge Changes After Early Jail Release

Soulja Boy is making some huge changes to his lifestyle following a stint in county jail … and that means shrinking his social circle and shying away from social media.

Sources close to Soulja tell TMZ … his three months in L.A. County Jail served as an eye-opener, and now that he’s back home, he’s cutting people off and cutting off his time on Twitter and Instagram.

The biggest change … we’re told Soulja kicked a bunch of people out of his crib in the San Fernando Valley, the same home that was burglarized when he was locked up.

TMZ broke the story … crooks hit Soulja’s home and made off with $500,000 in cash, jewelry and his iPhone — which the alleged thieves used to go live on Soulja’s IG account — and when SB caught wind of the burglary in jail, he was convinced it was an inside job.

Soulja’s inactivity on social media is also related to the burglary … we’re told he’s still upset about it, and he just wants to keep to himself and stay away from the masses.

As we first reported … Soulja was sprung from jail last Sunday, getting out 146 days early due to a combo of good behavior, time served and overcrowding. Back in April, SB was sentenced to 240 days and 265 days of community service for violating his probation.

Bottom line … we’re told Soulja’s a changed man … and now we’ll see how long it lasts.

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