Styx Share New Single ‘Reveries’ From Upcoming Album

Styx have released “Reveries,” a new single from their upcoming seventeenth album Crash of the Crown, which is due out on June 18.

Tommy Shaw and Will Evankovich wrote “Reveries.” ” He’ll come up with a rhythm track and a chord progression or something that sounds really good,” Shaw told Ultimate Classic Rock about how he and Evankovich worked on the song.

“He sends it to me, and I’ll hear words and melodies. I’ll put vocals and some harmonies on it and send it back to him. That’s how ‘Reveries’ got started,” he added.

“Reveries / Is that the very core of me / Reveries / I’m giving it up, giving it out,” sings Shaw.

James “JY” Young, Tommy Shaw, Chuck Panozzo, Todd Sucherman, Lawrence Gowan and Ricky Phillips wrote Crash of the Crown songs, which address some dark topics, but still maintain a sense of optimism right through.

Shaw says that they took stock of recent world events while writing the songs. “It’s kind of like The Grand Illusion. People look at that as a concept album, but it was really just all of us reacting. It’s almost like a diary – what’s going on around us and how we feel about it and how it’s affecting us. We need to just sort of say it out loud and put music to it,” he noted.

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