The Chases Shaun Wallace addresses heated clashes between chasers after show mishap

Beat the Chasers: Mark apologises to Shaun

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Earlier this year, Shaun Wallace, 60, and Mark Labbett, 56, hit the headlines when they clashed about time wasting during a Beat The Chase episode. Back in January, the quizzer took a few seconds to answer a question which left Mark furious.

Host Bradley Walsh asked the five chasers which author created the Oompa Loompas, the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

60-year-old Shaun buzzed in and answered the question correctly, but took longer than usual.

Despite the chasers winning, Mark hit out at his co-star, shouting: “You can’t do that, Shaun.”

Whent the host asked what happened, Shaun replied: “I don’t know, I’d rather take some time and get it right.”

But Mark interrupted, shouting: “Absolutely not!

“It’s not your time to waste, that’s a terrible sin.”

Mark ate his words in the following episode and apologised to Shaun.

Jenny Ryan also punched Paul Sinha in the arm after he got an answer wrong during a round. 

Speaking to, the quizmaster said despite their heated exchanges on screen, its never taken personally.

He said: “We just get over it, we’re all human and we’re going to make mistakes.

“The banter and the camaraderie is as strong as ever.”

Shaun and Mark feature on the show alongside; Anne Hegerty, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha and Darragh Ennis. 

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In a recent interview, Jenny aka The Vixen described her team as “one big dysfunctional family”.

“We’ve known each other for years through the quiz circuit. Darragh is our new boy, but he’s slotted in really well.

“Being a Chaser is something that no one else understands so we have to be there for each other.

“We’ve got a Whatsapp group but you don’t want to know what goes on in that!”

On Jenny’s remarks, Shaun laughed: “I think she’s just being nice.”

The quizmaster, aka The Dark Destroyer, has been on the show since its inception in 2009.

He has also featured on the Australian version of the show, where Mark and Anne are chasers.

The Chase airs tonight at 4.30pm on ITV.

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