Usher, Lil Jon, And Ludacris Reunite For ‘SexBeat’

Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris have reunited on a new collaboration, “SexBeat.”

“Sex deep, turn it up loud, ’til I blow my speakers/ Got lower than my subwoofers/ Or high as my tweeters/ My diva, eat you up, like you my gourmet chocolate Godiva/ Call FEMA, got her wetter than Hurricane Katrina,” Ludacris sings in the highly erotic single.

The trio had previously collaborated for 2004’s “Yeah!” and “Lovers and Friends.”

Usher croons in the chorus, “Sex beat, yeah/ Sex beat, ohhh/ Put this on and watch us take it as far as you let me/ Sex beat, yeah/ Sex beat, ohhh/ When we get in that room and the bass go boom/ Something about the way you make me move, move.”

“SexBeat” follows last month’s star-studded video of Usher’s “Don’t Waste My Time” featuring Ella Mai. The video featured Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Christian Combs, actors Jamie Kennedy and Evan Ross and many more.

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