Was Queen Letizias father-in-law behind some of those scurrilous rumors?

The Spanish royal family has released their 2023 Christmas card – a lovely shot taken behind-the-scenes on Princess Leonor’s 18th birthday, where she had to make an oath to Spain’s constitution. It’s a warm, lovely family image. Speaking of, the Spanish royals have not complained or explained much of anything in recent weeks, following the “bombshell” allegations about Queen Letizia. Letizia’s former brother in law, Jaime del Burgo, has claimed that he was sexually and romantically involved with Letizia before and after she married King Felipe (then Prince Felipe). Since Del Burgo’s claims went public, I’ve read a few pieces about why Felipe kept his relationship with Letizia so quiet, and how much Felipe’s father always hated Letizia. Well, speaking of, apparently the former king Juan Carlos might have been the one spreading rumors about Letizia and Jaime del Burgo.

The former King of Spain has been accused of playing a part in ‘stirring up’ rumours about an alleged affair between Queen Letizia and her former brother-in-law. The Spanish Royal Family have been rocked by shocking claims from businessman Jaime Del Burgo, who sensationally alleged that he had a relationship with Letizia, 51, before and after her marriage to King Felipe.
Del Burgo went on to marry Letizia’s sister, Telma Ortiz, who he is now separated from. The Spanish court has repeatedly refused to comment on the allegations.

In a new twist, a veteran Spanish journalist has accused supporters of the former king, who has been all-but frozen out of the royal family, of whipping up a ‘campaign’ against his son Felipe. Referring to the claims, popular radio host Federico Jiménez Losantos said: ‘It’s the “nth” campaign orchestrated against Felipe VI,’ before adding: ‘It is Juan Carlos’s circles who are stirring it up.’

Juan Carlos reigned as King of Spain from 1975 to 2014 when he abdicated in favour of his son. The official reason was given as his age but a string of controversies ensued and there have been suggestions that he was pressured to give up the throne to protect the institution. The corruption scandals he has been caught up in since he handed over to King Felipe VI, whose wife Letizia is a former journalist, have left his reputation in tatters.

He now lives in Abu Dhabi and Spanish outlets have quoted sources close to the former monarch saying he is upset at being cast out by his family. Now the latest rumours have plunged the Spanish monarchy into yet another scandal.

Del Burgo, 53, currently based in the UK, recently contributed to a tell-all book about the 51-year-old Spanish royal, Letizia y Yo (Letizia and I). In it, he claims he and Letizia were dating when she met Felipe and were still romantically involved after her 2004 wedding to the Spanish King.

[From The Daily Mail]

Eh – while I knew Felipe’s mother dislikes Letizia, the gossip about Juan Carlos hating her as well is relatively new to me, but I believe it. It would not surprise me if Juan Carlos was consistently disparaging Letizia, nor would it surprise me if Juan Carlos is simply a bitter old fart who dislikes the fact that his handsome son is much less scandalous and much more respected. All that being said, it also seems clear that Jaime del Burgo has a pretty specific ax to grind and it’s probably not about Juan Carlos at all.

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