Will Wonho Drop A Solo Album? Here’s What He’s Said About The Possibility

Wonho’s departure from Monsta X has left fans wondering what’s next for him. Fans wish he would return to the group and everything could go back to the way things were before he left, but what fans want more than anything is for Wonho to be happy. If that means launching his solo career, they would be there to support him no matter what. The possibility of Wonho dropping a solo album isn’t a far-fetched thought at all, especially because of what he said in a past interview.

Days before Starship Entertainment announced Wonho’s decision to leave Monsta X on Oct. 31, 2019, the star did a photo shoot and interview for Dazed Korea, during which he talked about his goals for the future.

"We’re currently working on a mini album that will be released on October 28," Wonho began, referencing Monsta X’s Follow: Find You EP. "I want to try releasing a solo track, and I want to deliver joy to more fans by appearing on variety shows. We’re going to be shooting a music video soon as well. I want to repay [fans’ love] every time with a new image [of myself]. I love them," he said, according to a translation by Soompi.

Starting a solo career would be the perfect opportunity to show fans a "new image" of himself, just saying.

Watch him tease solo music in the clip below.

Back then, fans didn’t know whether a solo career was possible for Wonho due to his busy schedule with Monsta X, but now with his departure, it’s highly likely, especially if he doesn’t plan on returning to the group.

After Starship revealed Wonho was innocent of all charges made against him, including alleged marijuana use, they hinted he wasn’t done with music just yet. "We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future," Starship wrote in a statement.

Since they wrote "his own career," fans felt this teased Wonho could go solo.

Following the company’s statement, Wonho opened up to fans about his decision to leave the group. "I hated thinking that Monsta X would fall because of me. I thought the only way for the team to survive is if I left as soon as possible," Wonho told Korean news agency Dispatch, according to a translation by Soompi.

He didn’t mention anything about his future plans, and maybe that’s because he isn’t ready to launch back into the music scene anytime soon. A few months ago, he admitted he wanted to release a solo song, but with everything that’s happened since then, it’s no wonder why Wonho is taking his time deciding what next step is right for him.

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