Bride-to-be’s engagement ring slammed as looking like a piece of ‘shiny Lego’

A BRIDE-to-be has been mocked over her bizarre engagement ring with people comparing it to a ‘shiny piece of Lego’. 

They say bigger is better and any woman wants her ring to make a statement, but one bloke may have gone too far when proposing to his girlfriend. 

The woman, from Texas, proudly flaunted her engagement ring, showing a 2cm band featuring three large circular stones. 

But it seems the bride-to-be acknowledged the ring’s unique shape as well, as she asked: “Does this look more like a traffic signal or a box speaker to you?' 

She posted the question along with two snaps of the ring to Facebook group That's It, I'm Ring Shaming, where it racked up dozens of comments. 

Rather than agreeing with her, people reckoned the ring looked like a shiny piece of Lego instead. 

One person commented: “I didn’t know LEGO had a jewelry line.” 

Another wrote: “Diamond chipped Legos.”

A third asked: “Why is she wearing a shiny LEGO?”

Someone else simply wrote: “It’s a Lego.” 

Although some people couldn’t resist throwing in a few traffic-related puns, with one person joking: “I would’ve went full red light if someone tried to put that s*** on my finger.”

Somebody else asked: “'But f****** why, why would you want a traffic light as a diamond ring.” 

And this person simply wrote: “A mistake. It looks like a mistake.”

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