Fake tan fan reveals how to perfectly tan your feet – but is savaged for chaotic method

TANNING your hands and feet is no easy task and they're two areas that are prone to white lines and streaks.

Wanting to help fellow fake tan lovers out there, one woman shared the method they swear by to getting perfectly tanned feet but found themselves being savaged online instead.

TikTok account The Hondrou Twins is known for sharing advice and tips when it comes to achieving that ultimate golden glow from self-tanning.

However, when one fan asked how to achieve "perfectly tanned feet", people couldn't get over the chaotic demonstration from one of the twins.

In a controversial move, they began by squirting a mountain of fake tan onto the towel beside their foot, instead of onto their leg.

"Lots of people disagree with this method but it works for us. The amount I put is also for my body, so do not be alarmed," says one of the twins in the video that has been watched over 1.3million times online.

"Start off with the legs and move down, moving underneath the foot, rub it in between your toes, push it up if there's too much… perfect."

They finished off the video by modelling their evenly tanned foot, but those watching couldn't get over the bizarre beginning to the tanning process.

Hundreds commented on the video, with one person posting: "Why did you put the tanner all over the floor??"

Another teased: "The carpet was innocent," while a third said: "This is chaotic."

One more joked: "How to fake tan your feet. Step one: Put product all over your floor first."

While another couldn't resist adding: "I think you missed your foot mate."

Others pointed out that the girl had put a towel down on the floor first before over-zealously squirting out the tanning mousse, but that didn't stop some from worrying about the mess it would make.

"Me just getting anxious about the stain," commented one person.

Another said: "THE.POOR.DAMN.FLOOR."

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