Fashionista shares clever way to transform a boring pair of heels into a £130 Steve Madden pair and it costs a fiver | The Sun

CHRISTMAS is the most expensive time of the year – which is why many of would ideally save as much as possible on our party outfits.

Luckily, one savvy style lover has revealed how you can make your own Steve Madden dupe for just a fiver, saving over £120 in the process.

The high-end heels, which were all the rage last year, is the perfect way to zhuzh up any boring outfit in seconds, as the sparkly bow detailing in the front adds a luxe festive feel.

However, what certainly doesn't make us feel festive and joyful at all is the hefty £130 the designer pair comes with – but luckily, there's a solution.

Rather than forking out a fortune for the Christmassy Steve Madden pumps, you can make your own – by simply popping a bargain buy onto our favourite heels.

According to style lover Kenzie, this was ''the most genius holiday shoe hack'' that can slash the costs around the costly period.

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The answer – footwear charms you can order online from Amazon for around £5.

Taking to TikTok, the savvy fashion lover, who posts under the username @stylingwithkenzie, revealed how you can instantly transform a boring pair of pumps by clipping a diamanté bow on top.

The adorable clips, which will fit almost any pair of heels, come in a range of designs – whether you're more into pearls, rhinestones or fake crystals, there's one for everyone's taste.

Shoppers can pick between a more bridal shoe buckle, a multi-coloured clip, a satin bow in various colours and more – there's truly plenty of choice for any occasion.

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''This is a brand new shoe. Are you kidding me?'' Kenzie was stunned in the video after transforming one of her many heels.

''LIFE CHANGING HACK,'' she couldn't stop raving about the style tip.


''Saves you so much money!'' she said, adding it's a buy ''you won't regret''.

Whilst it may initially look uncomfortable, Kenzy claimed that was not the case, writing: ''No, the charms clasp is smooth and a thin metal.

''After about 5 minutes, I forget it’s even there!''

Hundreds of fellow fashionistas raced to comments, where they hailed the hack as ''game-changing''.

''My jaw literally dropped! This is genius!'' one penned.

Someone else chimed in: ''Oooooh as a budget girlie I LOVE this idea.''

Another revealed an alternative from decades ago: ''We did this in the 80's with clip on earrings!''

''Sustainable fashion,'' a style fanatic praised the trick.

''I do that. It’s like game changing since I know craft I do it even for the back of the shoe. So sassy,'' a social media user chuckled.

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