Furious former bridesmaids reveal the outrageous reasons the bride booted them out of the wedding party – including being ‘too pretty’ – The Sun

FORMER bridesmaids have revealed the shocking reasons that they were booted out of the wedding party, in a new online thread.

Taking to the secret sharing app Whisper, the disgruntled women shared their cautionary tales of the bridezillas that have given them the chop.

Making use of the app’s anonymity settings, these former bridesmaids spared no sordid details of their former pals' demands.

In one shocking confession a woman was fired from her duties for gaining weight, meanwhile another revealed that a broken limb had gotten them blacklisted.

In another shocking tale a bridesmaid was chucked out for being “too pretty.”

Here we share the astounding confessions from those who were given their marching orders…

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