H&M Launches Blanks for Creatives

BLANK SLATE: At a time when self expression is eminent and creativity comes in more forms than ever, H&M is rolling out Blank Staples’ Wholesale.

This new offering provides a new way to buy its men’s streetwear essentials and other basics (think crew neck sweatshirts). Rather than by individual pieces, shoppers can buy in bulk.

The retail giant calls Blank Staples its “core range of essentials and premium-quality basics.” The assortment was first launched in September, giving extra attention to design aesthetics, and each piece has its own blank label. With the new wholesale option, artists, designers, influencers, start-up entrepreneurs and other business owners can purchase Blank Staples to customize them however they see fit.

Starting today, online shoppers can buy the Blank Staples online via H&M’s site. Up to 120 units can be purchased of styles such as short- or long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. The all-cotton collection is offered in an assortment of colors. It also is meant to be a more conscious choice, as H&M’s cotton is organic, recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way, according to the company.

Consumers will be able to put their creativity to the test by sourcing fabric pens, iron-on stickers, embroidery ands screen or digital printing.

For the debut, H&M has teamed with three creative companies who have dreamt up collections of their own using Blank Staples’ Wholesale. Small business owner and embroider Chainstitch, streetwear Plantmanp and Los Angeles taco restaurant Tacos 86 have whipped up their own creations as a source of inspiration for others.

Another fast fashion specialist, Zara, debuted a new offering today, too. The retailer introduced its capsule collection with Fruit of the Loom in its outposts. Shoppers will find bright-hued T-shirts, sweatshirts, matching shorts, pants and undergarments. Zara spruced up the apparel with Fruit of the Loom logos from the 1980s and ‘90s.

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