I asked my husband what he thought of my thong bikini – he was horrified by the prospect of me wearing it on the beach | The Sun

A HUSBAND told his wife in no uncertain terms what he thought of her thong bikini.

He was initially at a loss for words, but when the power of language returned after his initial shock, he did not hold back.

He was horrified at the prospect of his wife wearing the teeny weeny bikini to the beach.

As far as he was concerned, it was far more appropriate for the bedroom.

The Coles (@the_coles_official) has 1.2 million followers and 50.2 million likes.

Their TikTok features episodes from this English family's life.

In this post, Mrs. Cole held up her new thong bikini.

It was a black and white leopard print skimpy two-piece and she wanted to see her husband's reaction when he saw it.

"This went even better than I imagined," she laughed.

When she told him to open his eyes, they almost popped out of his head and he managed to splutter one word: “Wow.”

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Followed by “What the f**k."

But he did save himself by telling her she looked good. “You look nice in it but?”

Of the thong briefs, he was almost rendered speechless.

“What’s going on down there," he said. “What about if you go on the sand?

“It will look like you’ve put breadcrumbs on a chicken tender."

His wife didn't think her bikini was that extreme. “It’s not that bad," she said. "You’re out of order."

He was working up to make his final point.

“It’s not your fault, it’s just strangling your f*nny," he said, which made his wife shriek with laughter.

This was most definitely, he said, not suitable for the beach.

“For the bedroom that will do," he said. “You’re making me nervous. Take it off.”

The video has been hugely popular with over 57,000 likes, and commenters loved the exchange between this couple.

"His facial expressions are everything. Just love the pair of you. What a couple," said one fan.

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"His faces are literally the funniest," was the reaction of another.

One more remark summed up this couple's antics: "You guys are hilarious. Thank you for making my day."

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