'I can't believe this works' cry Brits as they discover washing-up free method to fry eggs WITHOUT a frying pan | The Sun

BRIT home cookers have been left in disbelief after realising there's a washing-up free method to frying eggs without a pan.

Rose Reisman took to TikTok to show off the genius hack that could save you from having to do one more chore after dinner.

No one likes a badly cooked egg, and no one likes stacks of washing up.

But there's a simple trick using just two pieces of equipment that allegedly results in delicious, perfectly fried eggs day or night.

The cooking whizz revealed her incredible tip while showing viewers a perfectly fried egg on a paper plate.

Captioned: "So you want to fry eggs and either don't want to get the kitchen dirty/maybe you're travelling and don't have a pan? No problem?", Rose jumped straight into her mind-blowing demonstration.

In front of the home chef, are two paper plates and a bowl of eggs.

Rose cracks two eggs onto one of the plates before covering it with another paper plate.

The second paper plate acts like a lid, before Rose transfers the dish to the microwave.

She advises home cooks to microwave the eggs for one to one-and-a-half minutes before revealing the delicious results to viewers.

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On the plate is a white, fluffy fried egg – it looks as if it has just come straight off a sizzling pan.

It still has two runny yolks peeking through in the centre, with no burnt edges or awkward tears.

Rose begins to season the egg with pepper before effortlessly sliding it onto a slice of toast.

The egg glides straight off the plate – avoiding the frustrating moments where the bottom of a fried egg gets stuck to a pan.

"Let's keep that kitchen real clean, it looks great," she says before taking a bite from the microwaved "fried" egg.

The handy clip racked over over 180 likes on the social media platform, and viewers flooded the comment section with their amazement.

One wrote: "It works!! I love it!!!"

Another said: "Oh my thank you so much now I can make a quick breakfast before school".

A third added: "Plus, no oil!"

One more asked Rose: "Did you spray the plate or anything?" to which she replied: "Nope!".

But this isn't the only food hack doing the rounds on TikTok that is leaving home cooks stunned.

One foodie revealed that you've probably been spreading your butter all wrong and demonstrated the correct way to do it if you want a god-tier breakfast.

A physicist also revealed that people have been cooking steak wrong, advising them to ditch the salt and use a microwave instead.

And one more food lover claimed he knows the best trick to getting bacon nice and crunchy.

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