I found a gorgeous dress for my friend's wedding but then discovered the hidden message behind it – can you work it out? | The Sun

SHE thought she'd found the perfect dress to wear to her friend's wedding in a little red number.

But when Mollie tried the cute dress on, she realised there was a big "spanner in the works".

She shared a video of herself trying on some of her outfit options for the big day, kicking off with the Rixo dress she'd nabbed for £100 in the Net a Porter sale.

"I thought it was such a bargain," she added.

"I was thinking I could actually do a red lip with this one to match, but would it look like I work for Virgin Airlines?" she mused.

Mollie then revealed the "spanner in the works" as she added: "Apparently if you wear red to a wedding, it means you've slept with the groom."

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Following her revelation, the comments section was quickly filled with people admitting they had no idea about the hidden message behind wearing red to weddings.

"I almost always wear red to weddings and had no idea about that one," one person admitted.

"I'm sorry red WHAT," another questioned.

While a third wrote: "Red dress at a wedding symbols blood or death".

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But despite Mollie's worries, the red dress was one of the top picks by loads of people in the comments.

"Red. The others were nothing compared to red," one wrote.

"You look gorgeous in the red! Totally keep, just not for the wedding," another said.

However, it was a green and white dress from Abercrombie that really got people talking – with the majority insisting she should wear it to the wedding.

"It's very comfortable and actually quite affordable, it's from Abercrombie," Mollie said while trying it on.

"And it does have pockets."

The Emerson Poplin Wide Strap Midi Dress is just £65.60 – much more affordable than the some of the other dresses Mollie was trying on.

Mollie revealed in the comments that she'd actually picked one of the yellow dresses she'd tried on to wear to the wedding in the end.

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