I get dress-coded when my friends don't because of my big boobs, people say I 'hang out' of tops, it's just cleavage | The Sun

A BIGGER busted girl has revealed the trials and tribulations of having larger-sized boobs.

She recalled constantly being dress-coded when her friends weren't – and blamed it on her breast size.

"Girlies, come in and let's have a chat. If you can't tell I am poorly but we move past it. Anyway, this. Let's talk about some of the irritating things about being a big boobie b***h," said (@beth.riva).

The fashionista explained how she has repeatedly been singled out.

"I have been out since I was so young and worn the exact same thing as my friends and people have gone, Wow, come on, a bit much, you look like a slut,'" she explained.

She still couldn't get over how harshly she was judged and berated for her larger-sized bust.

Beth shared more of the hater's comments: "'Oh my god, you're hanging out a little bit.'"

"She's wearing the same thing as me boo. You can see a bit more cleavage. I can't help that," she said as a rebuttal.

It certainly wasn't her fault she sometimes gave others a glimpse of her girlies.

And she didn't have any solutions.

Beth joked how even if she wore a turtleneck, the tightness of the top would still cause a stir.

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Instead, she tried to wear something extra baggy, but she wasn't looking or feeling particularly perky.

"I look like a bloody box babe," she said.

She felt especially unshapely as she remarked: "I look like I've just been delivered by DPD," she said.

This was in reference to a delivery service commonly used in the UK.

Beth demonstrated how you couldn't even tell if she had a waist from the front down – especially since she had the hips to go with it.

"Never agreed with anything more," said one follower who could relate to her big boob size struggle.

She also didn't have any sympathy for those in the itty bitty committee who said they couldn't wear a majority of tops.

"Babe you can wear it because you have amazing small boobs. And they look incredible," she said.

She continued to give extra encouragement to those with smaller cup sizes.

"Please love them please, because we want them and we could not wear that top on because that top requires no bra which is a no-go for me," she added.

Beth explained how she would happily share some of her boobs with them if she could.

She was already an inspiration to the larger-sized ladies out there as well.

"I have these thoughts sometimes but I've learnt to like my big cherries. I don't know about love but I accept them and embrace them – I'm a 32GG by the way," one said.

"I'd feel so much better if I saw more representation of big chests in adverts and stuff. I'm glad I found your page, makes me feel less alone," another busty broad could relate.

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