I got a titchy fine line airplane tattoo done on my boob – a year on it looks nothing like it did | The Sun

WE'VE all done things without thinking of the consequences first.

But one woman was left in hysterics after realising her fine line tattoo didn't age well.

Ariana Donlic, from the US, decided to get a tiny fine line airplane tattoo on her boob when she was younger.

Responding to a TikTok video, asking users what their fine line tattoos look like once healed, Ariana responded with hers.

And it did not disappoint.

Many people in the tattooing world warn you to be careful when getting a fine line tattoo done as they can often bleed or change shape as it heals and you get older.


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And it seemed Ariana's tattoo was the prime example of that.

The tattoo initially looked great, the outline of the airplane was smooth and you could clearly make out what the tattoo resembled.

However, after a few years and having a baby – the tattoo did not stay the same.

As most women know, having a baby completely changes your body and of course, your boobs get bigger – but it seemed Ariana may have forgotten this.

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Years on, the tattoo's lining has completely bled and the delicate outline no longer resembles a plane.

Viewers couldn't believe the difference in appearance, one wrote: "Omg what happened?!"

Luckily, Ariana isn't too fazed by the tattoo and responded: "It’s on my b o o b and I got pregnant so they stretched A LOT hahahahahah. It’s so funny and so sad."

Another user added: "That’s a taaaaddd blown out hahaha."

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