I got botched lip fillers by a woman I found on Facebook – they got bigger & bigger… and that wasn’t even the main issue | The Sun

A BEAUTY fanatic has revealed how she was left in agony after getting her lips done by someone she'd found on social media.

When it comes to plastic surgery and beauty enhancements, you should always do your research beforehand – but unfortunately, one woman, Jasmine, learnt it the hard way.

The young TikTok user recently shared how a few years ago her pout was left botched after getting lip filler by a random person she'd stumbled across on Facebook.

According to the stunner, believed to be from the UK, at first things seemed to be going well – but within a few hours, her lips had become severely swollen.

In her video, Jasmine recalled how she was mortified by her own reflection, especially given she had to go to work the next day.

Just nine hours after the botched procedure, the beauty fanatic's lips had ballooned up so much they were at least three sizes bigger than in their natural state – and the worst was yet to come.

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Looking back at the horrific fail, Jasmine added that the discomfort was so excruciating she found it difficult to fall asleep and ''bedtime pain was unbearable''.

To make matters even worse, the lip filler fanatic also realised that her new pout was ''also wonky'' and uneven.

Despite the pout being out of control, Jasmine woke up the next day and headed to work, sharing a cheeky video to her pals on social media.

''Slay,'' she chuckled, joking about the humongous size of her lips.

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Urging others to not make the same mistake, the beauty lover went on in the caption: ''Don’t go to random people you find on Facebook .

''Staying loyal to my girl my forever.'' 


Since being posted on the popular social media platform TikTok, the videos racked up over 300k views in less than a day.

But whilst many insisted the swelling process was ''normal'', others disagreed and claimed they had never experienced anything like that.

''Mine did not do this, sorry that is not normal,'' wrote one.

Someone else chimed in: ''my process exactly and now 6 days on they are GONE.''

A professional in the field, meanwhile, wrote: ''As a practitioner this is completely normal. It can take up to 2 weeks to see the final result.''

A fourth added: ''since you started the video with “ done by a random woman “ I was like this is kinda your own fault though.''

Currently there are no laws that prevent anyone from picking up a needle and injecting the faces of Brits with filler. 

The Sun’s Fabulous campaign, Had Our Fill, launched in 2020 in conjunction with Save Face, has detailed dozens of botched cosmetic procedures that are the result of lax rules.

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A recent study by medics revealed that thousands of people with fillers are at risk of painful and disfiguring side effects years later.

The treatments can lead to lumps, swelling and facial pain as the immune system attacks the hyaluronic acid used in most injections, experts warned.

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