I have big boobs & tried the viral ‘scarf top’ challenge – I was surprised at the finished result | The Sun

WHEN you have been sick of rotating through the same few tops, it's time to start exploring other options in your closet, and a scarf may be all you need.

One big-chested fashion guru tried the viral "scarf top" hack and was surprised by how it looked in the end.

Picking through a packed store is no better than digging through the back of your closet to find something to wear.

TikTok's viral scarf hack added a new range of options to women's closets that they didn't even know they could have.

Fashion fan Chazzy Wood was curious as to whether or not these tops were big boob-approved.

Chazzy posted a TikTok testing the viral hack to see if it would suit her larger chest, and she was shocked by the result.

She starts by putting on a black lace strapless bra.

Holding her large cheetah print scarf in both hands, Chazzy wraps the cloth around her back with each end in the front.

Chazzy ties the two ends together in a knot.

As Chazzy does this, she adjusts the scarf to hide her bra underneath.

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After tying the two ends, she tucks the remaining material into her bra on the side and along the back.

"And this is the finished look," Chazzy proclaims.

What started as an oversized scarf is now transformed into a bandeau bra top.

Chazzy pairs the fierce cheetah prints with dark wash denim, black heels, and a black handbag.

"I think it looks cute. What do you guys think?"

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