I have naturally big boobs – I went out in a bra top & had the worst experience with a hot guy, he should be embarrassed | The Sun

A WOMAN blessed with naturally big boobs has shared her despair after an awkward encounter with a hot guy.

She was wearing a bra top and had tried to make conversation, but he had other things on his mind.

The interaction left her feeling bewildered but she said the guy should have felt even more embarrassed by his behavior.

Old Saint Beatnik (@oldsaintbeatnik) shared her sorry tale with her 25,000 followers.

“I have big titties. I understand this," she said in her post. "They’re not even crazy big, they’re just kind of there. And I exist and I wear what’s comfortable to me."

But it was on an evening out that she first spotted a guy who caught her attention.

“I was like, ‘That man looks like a model.’ He was dressed really well, just f*cking gorgeous dark skin dude, just f*cking stunning like so hot."

But it wasn't until later in the evening that the pair actually got to chat.

“So I’m at this rave and I’m basically wearing a kind of T-shirt, it was a bra tank top situation."

“So I’m there and I see this guy. So I’m just feeling confident and I see him and I’m like ‘Oh my f*cking God. I saw you at such and such. You are stunning, you are beautiful.'"

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She may have been looking into his eyes, but he was looking elsewhere.

“[The] whole time he is just staring at my titties. Just staring."

Neither of them was sober, she said, but that was no excuse as far as she was concerned: "I still had some f*cking decorum," she insisted.

“I was still speaking to him like a human being. And meanwhile, he was just like [staring] at my boobs."

She figured he just wasn't interested in a conversation and told him as much, but he begged to think differently.

“He was like, ‘no no no. Like I want to talk to you.'" His next move, however, shocked her.

"But what he decides to do is look me dead in the titties and say, ‘Can I just put my face in them?'"

Her face was an expression of shock and exasperation: “God you guys should be more embarrassed for your behavior," she complained.

“Men are embarrassing and I’m embarrassed for them."

Commenters had sympathy for her experience.

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The final commenter had her back all the way: “Such blatant objectification is so unacceptable," they said.

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