I have small boobs but have a hack to make them look so much bigger – using a Victoria’s Secret product | The Sun

YOU don't need a laborious procedure to go from flat-chested to busty – according to one blogger, you can grow cup sizes in seconds.

All you need is a single product from Victoria's Secret, the influencer said, but a few viewers called her out in the comments for a specific problem.

Lifestyle blogger Sing Yoo shared the hack that she uses to "trick people" into thinking she has a fuller bust in any outfit.

"Get yourself one of these Victoria's Secret Bombshell bras," Yoo said, holding the $50 bra up to the camera.

Posing in a tank top and leggings, Yoo showed what her chest looked like without a push-up.

"This is me with an unlined bra," she said, just before the video cut to a shot of her with the Bombshell bra on instead.


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"This is the difference," Yoo said, turning to show off her visibly-fuller chest. "Look at it. Amazing."

Online, Victoria's Secret boasts the Bombshell bra can add up to two cup sizes, which is no small feat.

But even though her secret weapon added volume, commenters had a suggestion for Yoo – and it's one potential customers should note.

"It worked but you should really size up," a commenter said. "This is way too small for you!"

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Several people pointed out that from a side view, Yoo's chest is visibly spilling out of the bra.

"They look great from the front," a commenter said. "IDK about the side though."

"You're overflowing," a different viewer agreed. "Get a bigger one!"

Some viewers actually wondered if Yoo had layered the Bombshell over her normal bra, creating the visible "overflow" line across her breast.

Despite the imperfect fit, many viewers were eager to take Yoo's advice.

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"I’m actually ordering right now," one enthusiastic fan wrote. "They're $50 tho, but they’re the best."

"That actually looks useful," another woman said wistfully. "My A cup is crying."

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