I look younger at 40 than I did at 34 – nothing's an overnight miracle but my 6 steps made a difference | The Sun

A SKINCARE practitioner has revealed her six-step guide to younger-looking skin.

She said that thanks to her regimen, she looks younger at 40 than she did at 34.

But she added a caveat: Don't expect an overnight miracle, because her skincare routine requires discipline, commitment, and routine.

“My tips for transforming your skin," said Addicted to Face (@addicted_to_face) in her post.

Her TikTok is dedicated to achieving a dewy look, as she said she's "addicted to skincare and beauty.”

“How I took my skin from this at 34, to this," she said in her video, contrasting two different photos of herself at a younger age and several years later.

The difference was startling. She described her 34-year-old's skin as: "Dull and lackluster. Pigmentation. Fine lines. Wrinkles.”

Having rigidly followed her six-step process, her skin at 40 was very different, both glowing and smooth.

She told viewers just what she did to change her skin so much.

“Started double cleansing at night. I use a balm or oil cleanser to remove makeup/SPF, then a gel or cream cleanser to cleanse the skin."

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Then she adopted hydrating skincare products and started using Tretinoin, alongside a little bit of help.

“A solid skincare routine using prescription strength retinol (Tretinoin) and a little Botox have given me these results," she wrote.

Sun protection every day was a must and she also switched to dewy makeup.”

Don't expect too much difference too soon she said: “Nothing is an overnight miracle. Be dedicated."

Commenters said her post had given them hope.

“Oh my gosh, this gives me so much hope. I just switched to dewy makeup," said one person.

Another had done the same: “I recently discovered moving to dewy makeup, it’s still a challenge because I will change from dewy to a shiny grease bucket in seconds.”

One more viewer was impressed by the change: “I can see the difference and wow.”

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