I made beautiful NYE boxes for my kids – they only cost 20p each and they’ll keep them entertained for hours | The Sun

A CRAFTY mum has shared the perfect New Year’s Eve boxes to keep your little ones entertained throughout the night – and they cost just 20p each.

The thoughtful trinkets require only paper cups and a few sweets.

Handing them out throughout the night is sure to keep your little ones entertained until the countdown.

The creator, who goes by @ricegrains_manual on Tik Tok, dubbed them “blind boxes” as children won’t know what’s inside until they open them. 

There’s also the opportunity to put other things inside, such as little toys, crayons or stickers. 

The idea will also work best with colourful cups to pique the kids interests.

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Paper cups can be purchased in packs of ten most supermarkets for around £1.50, while a packet of sweets for £1 will be enough to fill up every “blind box”.

The video shows individually wrapped Starburst being put into the hand-crafted gifts. 

The creator starts by cutting the rim off the paper cut with scissors.

She then cuts two inch vertical slits around the cup to be folded over and close the cup.

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Once the first flap has folded down, she folds each one on top of the last in a circular motion around the cup.

This creates a seal so the little ones can’t see what’s inside the cups.

The flaps can be sealed together with a bit of glue, a sticker or just pinching in place with your fingers. 

When New Year’s Eve rolls around, the cups can be handed out to children to keep them entertained. 

New Year’s Eve boxes have grown in popularity in recent years, with one mum even making one that would last a whole year.

It contained envelopes with the months written on and in each one was stuff for her children to do throughout the year.

These included pennies for slot machines in arcades and “gift vouchers” to be redeemed by the kids for a day out with mum.

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