I ordered a cute Halloween costume from Amazon but was horrified by what came – people say it should be a ‘crime’ | The Sun

A TIKTOKER ordered her Halloween costume on Amazon, but people said what she received should be a crime.

Asha @asherdasher1014 shared what she was supposed to receive, a frilly, gothic black dress ($28) but what she actually got was laughable in comparison.

Audio of a girl crying as she says "It's so ugly…this is what I wanted, and this is what I got," plays as Asha steps out into what looks like a frilly black raincoat.

She grimaces as she raises her arms in floppy sleeves.

"It's not even giving what y'all said it was supposed to gave.

"No, I wasted my money, so send me my money back. Now.

"My Cashapp is open," the audio continues.

Viewers offered suggestions to improve the costume since Halloween is quickly approaching.

"It's too small and you need a hoop under to make it flare," said one commenter.

Asha replied that a hoop was on the way, but the "sizing" was an issue that could not be fixed.

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"Yeah….uhm. I'm typically a large.

"This is a 2X…." she explained.

Other viewers expressed their sympathy, while others cracked jokes.

"This is a crime," said one commenter.

"This is why I have a fear of buying clothes online," said another.

"That looks like the dress robes from Harry Potter," cracked a third.

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